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Public Logic & Accuracy Test

Join us on Tuesday, October 3 at 9:00 am for the Public Logic and Accuracy Test of our elections equipment. The event is open to the public, and details are here. The test will likely be complete on October 5. 

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Learn about our work to make voting more accessible to all voters throughout the County.

Colorado open records act requests

Got a CORA request? Contact Mattie Albert at | (719) 520-6226.

View our precinct and district maps, and learn how you can order voting data for El Paso County. 

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Registered voters in el paso county as of 8/28/2017

Numbers include Active & Inactive Voters

Political Party
Registered Voters%Party Designation
American Constitution Party1,9880.44%Minor Party
Colorado Democratic Party95,42221.32%Major Party
Colorado Republican Party177,52239.66%Major Party
Green Party of Colorado1,4290.32%Minor Party
Libertarian Party of Colorado6,5581.47%Minor Party
Unity Party of Colorado 138.03%Minor Party

For more information about voter registrations and voting trends, please visit our Maps & Data page.

your vote is your voice, and we protect it

El Paso County has a long history of administering secure and transparent elections. Find out about our equipment and how we protect it against constantly changing threats.

Dominion voting equipment

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Election security

View Election Night results as well as results from previous elections. 

  Registered voters as of September 15, 2017 - 447,613 | 388,792 Active Voters

community outreach

Colorado transitioned to a hybrid voting model in 2013 - we're mostly mail, and a little polling place. Learn more!