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2017 Coordinated Election

The next election in El Paso County is the November 7, 2017 Coordinated Election.

Coordinated Elections occur in odd years. Ballots in Coordinated Elections include state and local questions and issues, as well as local offices such as school board directors.

Candidate Information

Candidate information for the 2017 Coordinated Election may be found under Candidates and Jurisdictions.

Registering to Vote

Mail ballots will be sent out to active, registered voters beginning Monday, October 16. Be sure your information is up-to-date to get your ballot on time!

For more information on registering to vote, and checking your voter information visit Voter Information.

Voter Service & Polling Centers

Mail Ballot Drop-Off Locations

You can mail back your ballot, or drop it off in one of our convenient, 24/7 drop off boxes. Find out where here!

Need to vote in person? Visit any one of our Voter Service & Polling Centers (VSPCs) to register to vote, update your registration, and vote all in one place!