​​​Election security is fundamental to ensuring that every vote - and therefore every voice - matters. That is why the El Paso County Clerk & Recorder's Office continues to invest in multiple levels of security, including equipment. 

Quick Facts: Did you know?

  1. We only use paper ballots, voters can use ADA ballot marking devices if needed.
  2. Every signature is inspected. If a signature cannot be verified-the ballot remains sealed and the voter is contacted. If there is no response the vote is not counted and is submitted to the El Paso County District Attorney's office for investigation.
  3. Every ballot is digitally scanned and made available to the public for inspection, while maintaining voter anonymity.
  4. Accuracy of the election is verified through the Risk Limiting Audit Process.
  5. The voter registration database is continually monitored and inspected for accuracy.

Voting Equipment

El Paso County invested in a new voting system over the past two years as part of the initiative for all Colorado counties to use the same voting system. The move is intended to give voters across the state a similar voting experience, as well as provide for more inter-county technical support. 

The new voting equipment provided by state-selected vendor Dominion will assist our County in continuing to provide greater security, transparency, reporting accuracy, and labor savings. 


All equipment is subjected to rigorous review, analysis, testing and certification by election authorities at the state and federal levels, including the Election Assistance Commission (EAC). Independent testing laboratories, with extensive expertise in secure software design, are selected to perform this analysis. 

At the local level, systems are subject to public logic and accuracy testing that demonstrate and ensure that each machine processes and tabulates ballots accurately.


Our new tabulating equipment enables us to capture an image of each ballot that is processed so that election judges and officials can more easily review ballots during tabulation. Additionally, because each image is saved, it is faster and more efficient to access ballots that may be questioned in any post-election review. 

Reporting Accuracy

The speed of the new election equipment will allow our Office to verify and report results more quickly on election night. Additionally, because each ballot image is captured, it will be easier to verify results if there are any questions.

Labor Savings

The equipment utilizes the most current technology, and therefore the speed of the equipment will enable us to cut down on election judge costs as the tabulation process will be faster. 

  Registered voters as of June 10, 2019 - 406,342 Active Voters  

Equipment and Voter Service & Polling Center Security

The Clerk & Recorder's Office goes to great lengths to ensure that voting equipment is unable to be tampered with, and to detect any abnormalities in the equipment. Additional security measures include cipher locks for rooms where ballots are stored; access is limited and only authorized personnel are allowed to be in those rooms. Security cameras are strategically placed in each room, and the Elections Department utilizes custody logs for all ballots that are retrieved from ballot drop-off locations and Voter Service and Polling Centers. Tamper proof seals are also used. 

All election judges must pass a background check. And judges must conduct election-related responsibilities in pairs - with multiple political parties represented in those teams. 

Ensure the Validity of Each Election & Vote Your Own Ballot

Vote Tracking

El Paso County does not issue receipts for ballots voted in person because we do not track how voters vote. During each step of our process, we seek to ensure that your anonymity is maintained as a voter. If you have additional questions about this, please contact our office.

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