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Colorado has made several advances over the past decade to improve voting accessibility and registration. 

House Bill 1303 - A New Voting Model for Colorado

In 2013, the Colorado legislature passed legislation that introduced a hybrid voting model through mail ballots and Voter Service and Polling Centers (VSPCs). Registered, active voters now receive a ballot in the mail for each county-coordinated election. With transportation to and from polling locations, the move to a mail ballot was intended to make voting more accessible. 

However, for individuals needing to register or vote at a polling center, voter service and polling centers were created to marry those functions in one location. General Elections require counties to set up one VSPC per 75,000 people, and counties may set those up in a phased approach. In larger elections, counties must also keep VSPCs open for a longer period of time - 22 days before an election. 

In smaller elections, counties are required to have as many VSPCs as county motor vehicle offices. In El Paso County, our minimum is five - but we usually set up additional VPSCs to provide more service to our County. 

Colorado also instituted same-day registration, as long as the citizen has been a resident of the State of Colorado 22 days immediately prior to the next election. 

El Paso County

Our Office continues to work off of the accessibility model to develop additional opportunities for citizens to register and to vote. We participate in community events, and visit retirement homes and libraries to help citizens register or updated information. 

We also partner with local organizations to improve accessibility, such as The Independence Center downtown. The Independence Center is a local non-profit dedicated to facilitating independent living for those with disabilities. You can learn more on our Department Awards page. 

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Scenic view of trees

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